Who are we?

alex&ati mongoliaWe are the A-Team, Alexandra and Atahan Tosun. We are a married couple who share a passion for travelling, especially through Central Asia and Mongolia. Ati is a Turkish-born Kazakh raised in Switzerland. Alex was born in Switzerland but is originally from Austria. Let us show you why we love this truly special part of the world.

Why Central Asia and Mongolia?

On our one-year honeymoon through Asia we experienced Ati’s homeland and the people of  Central Asia and Mongolia for the first time and instantly fell in love with the amazing culture and overwhelming hospitality of the region’s exceptional people. Within Central Asia and Mongolia are an embarrassment of riches and adventure, from the stunning architectures of Astana to the vast Steppes of Mongolia.

The region has everything and more an adventurer could wish for including: horseback & camel riding, hunting with eagles, mountain climbing, living with nomads, fishing, trekking, bustling cities & bazaars, off-road driving & more. Each of these unique activities will ensure your journey is an unforgettable, unique experience that will stay with you until long after you have left this magnificent place.

What is Indy Guide?

We are a new booking platform (launched in March 2016) for travellers to Central Asia and Mongolia. Indy Guide is the biggest network for guides, tours and accommodations. We are continuously developing new features and services for you.

  • We are independent: we don’t list offers. We run a transparent and exhaustive marketplace, allowing you to find the right partner that suits you.
  • We are transparent: you have access to a wide range of offers from which to choose & compare.
  • We are local: by listing local individual and independent providers, we are promoting tourism and enhancing revenue, which is vital to the countless communities in this part of the world.

Why Indy Guide?

From our own experience we have learned that travelling in Central Asia and Mongolia isn’t easy due to a lack of tourism infrastructure in this part of the world. Things we all take for granted, for example, renting a car is not as easy or in some cases, not possible in some of the cities, which makes for an interesting journey!

You’ll need help finding guides with local knowledge, expeditions with experts, homestays in rural villages or generally getting off the beaten track, which is exactly why we are here: to help you get the most authentic and memorable experience possible.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to promote this beautiful region as a travel destination, attract western tourists and support the local communities.