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Going wild – Wildlife in Central Asia and Mongolia

Through all of your travels in Central Asia and Mongolia you will always come across wild animals. It might not be obvious but if you look close you will see it. On the lonesome roads you will be often followed by an eagle. They are nearly everywhere to be seen. In the mountain regions, the golden eagles are magnificent and truly beautiful. In Mongolia, where drives can be very long, we even made a sport out of it who could spot more eagles next to the road. On the road you spot anyway the most animals. There are lots of hares and foxes and of course different species of birds around. We spotted some nice owls as well.

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Hunting with eagles

Deep in the unforgiving wilds of far western Mongolia, the last remaining Kazakh eagle hunters harness a powerful force of nature.

The burkitshi, as they are known in Kazakh, are proud men whose faces reveal the harshness of the beautifully barren landscape they call home.

They have an extraordinary bond with the golden eagle, which to them represents the wind, the open space, the isolation and the freedom found at the edge of the world.

Australian photographer Palani Mohan has spent years documenting the noble hunters, culminating in a book available now from Merrell Publishers. Mohan says only 60 eagle hunters remain, and fears the ancient tradition could disappear within 20 years.

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