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How to survive a 48 hours bus ride in Mongolia

Public transport in Mongolia is not really good and some nice spots are only accessible by car. But there are a few routes where you can take the bus. So the title is not a typo, there is an actual bus ride from the city Ölgii in the very western part of Mongolia to the capital Ulaanbaatar (UB) which takes 48 hours (+/- 12 hours) strait! If you’re really considering taking this bus ride or any other long distance bus trip, here are some tips to make your journey a (little) bit more comfortable.

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Our guide: Why I love Western Mongolia

If you are tired of standard tourism and seek for an adventure somewhere in the wild nature then you need to visit Mongolia, to be more exact, the Altai Mountains – located in the West of Mongolia. Be sure that here you will get everything what you need for a great adventure: Eagle festival, trekking, outdoor adventures, hiking, fishing, horseback riding tours and other recreation tours.

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