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Membership and creating a listing is free! You’ll only pay a commission of 15% when you confirm a reservation. The customers will pay a deposit of 15% to us (as commission) and pay the remaining 85% directly to you.

You are in control. You set the price and conditions for your offers. We promote your offers with Google ads, Facebook & blog posts to potential customers in Europe, America and Australia. Simply register and tell us what you offer and after a quick review, your listing will be posted, ready to take bookings!

–  Benefit from this community, its marketing and gain many potential customers.
–  Benefit from a registration and membership that’s free.
–  Benefit from our process. Your application will be reviewed and if there are any questions we will contact you.

For further questions, please contact us, join our private Facebook group for guides and locals to discuss your questions, suggestions or other general topics or read our Tips for Locals and Guides.


–  No contact information (like phone no., E-Mail, URL, company name or company logo) in listings, private messages, profile page or profile picture are allowed. Instead the users use our built-in chat system. Once a reservation is confirmed, the user will get the provider’s contact information.

– For accommodations: Your price here cannot be higher than on any other public sites.

For more information, please read our Terms of use.