3 Day Professional Guide Training
Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan



Indy Guide is the largest community & marketplace for local tourism providers in Central Asia & Mongolia and wants to provide insights from hundreds of conversations, bookings and customer feedbacks. EastguidesWest is specialised in training tourist guides on Western expectations in emerging destinations and by doing so increasing employment stability.

The aim is to promote Central Asia & Mongolia as a “must visit” travel destination by supporting tourism skills, local tourism providers and increasing respect and understanding between cultures.

Tourism is team work. We all want happy guests and repeat business. But if a link in the chain is lacking, it affects us all. However, when the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly, the experience can be magical. We only have to look at TripAdvisor to see what other guests thought of an experience, a tour, a hotel, or a destination. You want to be mentioned on the list of best experiences and expert guides!

Professionalism and expertise combined with a lot of fun doing your job right, brings respect, pride, joy and … more money in your pocket.

Your first impression is made even before you know! Future guests look at your online presentation and profile on the Indy Guide website. They choose you and your next step is the pre-trip communication and so on. Many steps follow until your happy guests are gone.

One of the most important steps for future business is to ensure excellent feedback. It is of utmost importance that your guests write a fabulous review on your service and your insight views of the region. Indy Guide’s website will show this positive feedback, which makes the circle round again: more requests, more guests, more work and … more money in your pocket ☺.

In 3 days you will be trained to a higher guiding level

Our training programs are personal. No “one size fits all”. We created a tailor-made program for your needs, selecting relevant building blocks from our developed material. The training evolves along 12 steps divided in 4 “quarters”. Each quarter is a half day training and on top we add the field day. This first training is mainly for guides/drivers.

Our basic guide training spans 3 full days:
• 2 days theory and workshop style exercises.
• 1 day field training: Putting theory into practice.

LIMITED SPACE: Sign up now – before August 31st 2017

If you are willing to improve your skills and want to become a preferred guide with Indy Guide, we will help you to become the best you can be. Graduates will have a new label in their online profile (e.g. “Trained by Indy Guide”).
Together we will promote your beautiful country. We know you are working in summer, therefore the trainings will be given in October/November. The training will take place with a maximum of 20 participants. The most motivated applicants are selected to participate free of charge!

The first training sessions will be in Almaty and Bishkek – we want to offer more sessions in the future.

Price: 500 USD / person FREE

  • Almaty / Group 1: 30.10./31.10./1.11. (max. 20 participants)
  • Bishkek / Group 2: 8.11./9.11./10.11. (max. 20 participants)

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