Ordering a Letter of Invitation (LOI) for Uzbekistan

Personal information (required)


Marital status

Dates of entering and leaving Uzbekistan

Place where you want your visa to be issued (Embassy or Tashkent Airport. If this is Tashkent Airport, then a scan of your airticket is required)

Previous visits to Uzbekistan

Number of required entries


Do you need an urgent visa process (5 working days)? Regular visa process takes up to 14 working days.

After submitting your order, please send the following documents via Email (info@indy-guide.com):
- Scan of passport
- Letter from work with seal and signature, just confirming occupation
- Reservations of the hotels

The letter is provided by a reliable local provider. Price per person is 80$ (no refund).

NOTE: After entering Uzbekistan, you must register in a hotel or hostel within 3 days. You need to keep your registration slips for every night in Uzbekistan (except for overnight trains).


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