Tips for Guides and Locals

Here are some guidelines and recommendations in order to attract more potential customers:

1. Create an informative profile.

      1. Upload a profile picture with your face on it.
      2. Tell more about yourself. Why did you become a tour guide? Why should a traveller choose you? What are your skills and interests? Do you understand your customers’ needs? Where did you get your experience as a guide? What are your specialties (regions, cities, activities, …)?

2. Make your listings attractive:

      1. Provide detailed informations in your listings. What does your service contain? What makes it unique? What is scheduled if it’s an organized tour? What can your customers expect? Are there any special stories of past tours? Which expenses are not included for your customers? What will your customers see and experience? Can you adjust your program if the customers wants you to? Where are your customers going to stay/sleep? What should your customers bring with them? Is a pick-up service included?
      2. Mention the city, region, or Country in your listing’s title.
      3. Attach images of the region, of the tour, maybe of your car, your homestay, and of yourself. If it’s a tour, customers like to see the car (outside/inside). If it’s an accommodation, customers like to see the rooms, bathrooms etc.
      4. Share your listings in your social media like Facebook & Co.

3: Build your reputation

      1. Engage yourself in our travel forums. By showing your knowledge and expertise, you will attract more customers.
      2. Answer questions in the forums and start interesting topics.

4: Customer service (pre-booking)

      1. Always respond quickly and polite to requests and questions. Say thank you for their interest and ask if there is something else you can do.
      2. Always keep smiling. If it get’ stressful, your customers need you the most. They rely on your expertise and skills. Make them feel comfortable by showing your confidence and a smile.
      3. Never say No (at least try to). Always try to fulfill your customers’ needs.

5: Customer service (post-booking)

      1. Say thank you
      2. Ask your customers your some photos so you can share them in your listings.
      3. Ask your customers to comment and rate your listing.
      4. Ask your customers for suggestions.
      5. If have photos, post them on Facebook & Co. and share them with your customers.


What is your experience? Do you agree? Any additions? Please reply in the section below.

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